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Urbanlife Management Ltd

Full information about Urbanlife Management Ltd — 250 South Ridge Suite#100, Edmonton, Alberta T6H 4M9 Alberta T6H 4M9

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250 South Ridge Suite#100,
Edmonton, Alberta
T6H 4M9

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+1 780-435-9250

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  • The units are very affordable and clean. The office staff were nice and always answered my questions thoroughly. The maintenance guys always came quickly and were very helpful. Overall, the management was very accommodating and I would highly recommend them.
    By Brandon Webb, 28-03-2018
  • I have only been here since December 1st an extra renter for the tenant that has lived here for 5 years. Everyone is friendly especially the ULM guys in the vans and trucks and these sidewalk cleaners slushy or -40 in deep snow a few times a day relentlessly cleaning snow and ice away. Go right up to the front gates and mailboxes :) I specifically posted an ad in mid November specifying this area I wanted to move into, I was looking more at the units down behind Crum Coffee Bar but got Huntington Hills very quiet here other than the crazy people that live upstairs. I think they have a bowling alley up there. Never heard so much drilling and grinding at 2 in the morning except late night at the machine shop. Now for people who say there are bed bugs here it makes me wonder because the front patio yards in some of these place are a total mess 4-5 garbage bags sitting there some ripped open. There are 2 bins every 30 second walk throw your garbage out. These are not gripes vs management I give them 5 stars there are some people that think this is just a party place rent is very affordable for a coach home or townhouse 3 bedroom. You won't find nice place like these up by Northgate and I am sure everyone know what that place is like. Lastly before I co -sign and renew the lease with the current leasee I want to know what the stipulations will be as I am going to be signing a renewal but would like a main floor close without a bowling alley upstairs and from what I can see I have about 80 units to choose from as HH is mostly empty. What is the transfer process to go from 1 unit to another unit of the same size during the extension of a lease. I will contact management this week the only 2 names I know are Fiona and Sherry but yet to meet either of them yet. JJ
    By John Allan, 05-08-2017
  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    They moved us into a suite that already had a bed bug issue. 6 months later the still haven't resolved it. They are slum lords and nothing more. I picked a bed bug off my 2 year olds shoulder and brought it too them a week ago. No one has responded. DO NOT RENT HERE
    By josh yetman, 20-05-2017
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